Google Ads

Google advertising is the most effective tool for getting customers, reaching 27 million people in Ukraine alone.

How can Google ads be useful for your business?

Fast start
In comparison with SEO, advertising gives a quick result and the ability to show ads to a certain segment of the audience.

Flexible customization
Target audience by interest, demographics, age, gender, or device targeting that your prospect is using.

Pay per click
Convenient cost control in which payment occurs when you click on an advertisement.

Brand formation
The goal is to increase interest in a brand, its service, product or company.

Tracking performance
Ad Dashboard and Analytics lets you track keywords, ads, or the effective directions of your ad.

Who needs advertising?

Entrepreneurs, professionals, people interested in promoting their own services, goods or companies.
Who has customized ads but are not happy with the result.


Google ads provide an opportunity to show you to potential customers who are looking for a solution to a problem or need your product right now.

Business owners don’t always know their target audience.
With the help of Google ads, you can find out more about your customers, namely gender, age, demographics, etc.
This gives you an understanding of how to improve the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to promote your business online and offline more effectively.

Basic tools

  1. Search – placement in the first positions of the search results.
  2. KMM (Contextual Media Network) – allows you to advertise on more than 2 million websites and 650,000 mobile applications.
  3. Retargeting – targeting people who visited the site, but did not take the targeted action.

By ordering advertising from us you will receive

  1. Basic site audit.
  2. Setting goals.
  3. Setting up advertising.
  4. Tracking the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.
  5. Monthly report.

Order advertisement

Setting up advertising.
First month 150 $

  • Acquaintance with the project
  • Setting goals in analytics
  • Collecting semantics
  • Create ads
  • Start

Advertising campaign.
Monthly 100 $

Optimizing keywords
Optimizing ads
Analysis of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign
Testing new hypotheses

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